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Fic story!
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Alright, I'm gonna try it!
Submitted By Aeolese on 09/11/26
The Martian Site, Aeolese, Discussions 

Aeolese stood at the computer, browsing through Mars Explorer, when he saw a new post by Aubrey. Aubrey had posted about a conference in Washington DC about a Mars Explorer gathering. Aeolese responded he would go. Aeo purchased two first class tickets and shut down his computer. He wound around the home, doing first-minute check-offs for the trip. The plane would leave from the local airport at around 10am in two days. Aeolese began to pack. Little did he know it could be his last trip for life...
Continued soon!
PART 2 Aeo got a limo and was driven to the airport. On the way, he saw nasty storm clouds rolling along the horizon. Aeo grunted and returned to reading his magazine. At the airport, after being checked in by security, Aeolese went to his gate and settled in with a cup of coffee. Aeolese went on Mars Explorer on his laptop to see any updates. There were many comments by several people about the Washington DC conference, several people saying they would come. The storm clouds got slightly darker as the takeoff time for the plane drew closer. Aubrey had said the conference was going to start one hour later than expected. A shady looking man quickly boarded the plane as first-class...

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